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Welcome to the online course on how to prepare your voice for a voice-over job,
a speech, a performance or just to be well-tuned for your day!

You will learn how to bring your voice to a great state.

Your voice will be trained to be ready.

In this course is broken into the following sections

Those are my personal favorite exercises I learned in my career.
Pick your favorites and be prepared.
Do what feels good for you! Have fun!

let’s start


We start with relaxing our mouth. What do we do for art? A lot! Including looking gorgously ridiclulous while doing this first exercise. But wont worry. It will get even more weird and effective. Promised!


the star wars exercise

In this exercise you will sound like shooting with phaser canons to clear the higher space in your voice!


shake it off

Imagination combined with movement to bring the focus off the used state of mind
and bring it back to an activated body. This relaxation is clearly to hear in the voice!


hulk teddy bear

Feel like the Hulk in this exercise. It widens up the upper body and vibrates through your whole body to strengthen your voice!

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I love spreading wisdom! About my experiences in my profession and my personal life.

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